and in my mouth?

As Christmas comes around again, I’m so deeply struck by the notion of Emmanuel – of God being with us.  As I anticipate spending time with him each morning, with something of a mix of deep pleasure, a deep longing for more of him, and a certain anxiety about whether I’m capable of, or correctly placed to, get as much out of it as I can (or even should), it occurs to me that he’s longing for this also.  He’s anticipating the intimacy as much as I am.

If only I could retain that conviction, 24-7, of God with me – that truth that ‘The word is near me; it is in my heart and in my mouth’. (Romans 10:8 personalised).  It’s many years since I’ve been unaware of his constant presence, but I need to know him closer, all the time; not just present, but shaping all my thoughts and responses simply by his extreme proximity..

The Oak  20th December 2012    2:36 pm

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