Just wait..

The biggest problem with all of this is avoiding extracting some sort of lesson from every sit under the oak.  I so want to have the aerials up and open that I can tell I’m in danger of starting to imagine signals.

I only want to hear what He’s telling me.  That’s not easy for someone who’s mind runs easily to metaphors – who sees or creates interrelationships everywhere he looks.  Every day I’m flooded with ideas of what this tree, or this project, could say about God.  I’ve really got to then wonder – is that what he’s telling me about himself, or should I wait just a little bit longer, and see what else emerges?

The truth is that it’s likely that there’s going to be a whole lot of stuff emerge along the lines of what nature says about God.  If that’s what I’m told, then that’s what I’ll relate.  But at this stage, what my heart really wants to hear is what nature says to God.

20 September 2012  2:15

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