Living With Monumental Approval

The monumental approval in which I live is a bit like the nearby mountain that looms over my region.

You can live in sight of it.  You can live in its shadow.  You can live under it – in its very foothills.  Or you could dig yourself in, and live right inside it.

In each case it would effect your world.  I want to be entirely framed by it!  Buried in it!

Getting a grip on this monumental approval is not a minor first step to something major.  It is, in itself, huge, life-changing, transforming, mind-renewing.  It came at the cost of a truly great life, and for the purposes of restoring intimacy – simply so that my Father and I can walk together in the garden in the cool of the evening.  Just as he intended from the beginning of time.

Looking out from under the oak  1:47pm  6/2/2015


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