Sound strata – which do you hear?

Sitting under the tree just now, various sound strata were moving in and out of focus.  I sat for ages until I noticed the frogs.  There must be hundreds of them – producing the richest and fullest of elements of the sound spectrum.  But I didn’t hear them at first, and for a while I lost them and wondered if they’d stopped.  But it was only a focus issue.  Once they were back, they were back to stay.

The initially most obvious sounds were from the freeway – not far enough away.  But it’s incredible how the human brain just ignores stuff, overlooks it completely, if it has no relevance.  It’ s never intrusive, other than on a frosty morning.  Then it screams.

Today it was easy to ignore.  As was the mower about 500m away.  That’s a comforting sound, anyway – a spring Saturday sound.

Then, with eyes closed, there was a range of other inputs – mostly bird produced.  Under the canopy of the tree, a family of thornbills were squeeking away.  A body that impossibly small can’t do anything but squeak.  It’s a total miracle that they can maintain any sort of body temperature – that a whole, independent living organism, with legs, wings, gut etc is possible to achieve at that scale.  In the canopy, rosellas were chattering away.  In distant trees, choughs gave the occasional squawk, as did the crows, with their ugly but intelligent caw, at about the same distance.

I’d started out thinking that it was silent.

It makes me wonder how often I’m just plain deaf to the voice of God.  And deaf to this tree, clapping its hands.

It also leads me to think about all the voices that are telling me who I am, who I should be, how I should think about myself, and reminds me of the need to tune into the one voice that really matters – the one who made me, and the one who’s view should define me.

1 September 2012  10:09 am     First day of Spring

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