The dead of winter

OK, so it’s the dead of winter.  Mercifully it’s past the middle of winter.  But it’s still the dead of it.

Sitting under the oak yesterday, I had this sense of being caged within its leafless branches.  Not imprisoned – just safely surrounded.  Almost embraced.

It feels safe, cosy and cosetted in there, but looking up, there’s more open sky than branch overhead.  It’s like a physical metaphor for that verse in Psalm 139 “You hem me in – behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me”.  Being ‘hemmed in’ is nearly always used to describe some imposed and unwelcome restriction, but I’ve never thought of that verse as if we’re being held against our will, or being held too tight.  We’re just protected, through open fingers.

It’s an incredible notion.  Sometimes I just lie back, feeling the deep pads of his hands supporting me.  I can’t help but get to that place where like David, I’m thinking “such knowledge is too wonderful for me; to lofty for me to attain”

August 27 2012  3:15pm

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