The Lid on Revelation?

I’m fully engaged with this idea of Jesus primarily coming to reveal the Father, and reading the gospels through this lens.  Most mornings I find myself praying (in preparation) ‘Jesus – you were actually there when this happened, and you’re right here with me now.  You knew what you were revealing when this event took place.  Show me what you wanted to reveal.’

Then it occurs to me this morning that he is also in us in order to reveal the Father.  The primary source in right here – in us.

But that also informs me about the limitations on the revelations of the Father in scripture – that it’s not just a matter of us logically or intellectually solving the puzzle behind words written 2000 years ago. These are Holy Spirit inspired, living and active words.  Both the spirit in the word and the spirit in us have overlays that limit our access to truth of the Father.  These may be limitations of sin and therefore of sight, but I’m much more inclined to believe that the greater limitation is a form of grace or mercy, in which truth is revealed in layers, one layer opening up the next.  There’s stuff we’re not yet ready to know!  To know too early could compromise, damage or even destroy.

The revelation (which the Holy Spirit inhabits scripture to provide, and inhabits us to provide) would appear to be a very carefully controlled drip feed – with the occasional flood!

The oak via the flowering cherry 1st October 2014

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