What if?

A few ‘what ifs’ that emerged during worship on Saturday morning…

What if the Father has led you into places of crazy faith – places where absolutely nothing makes sense, and you just have to hang on – not to test you, not to gauge how much you love or are devoted to him, but because he created you and knows (as we will never know) that your greatest liberty will be won through living a life of total trust…

and what if the Father calls us to worship, not because he needs our worship, or wants to measure our love for him, but because he knows so deeply how we’re made (Ps 139) and knows that we will reach our highest places of joy and liberty when we live consumed by something far bigger than ourselves – that our self-focus is our self-imprisonment – and that worship is the true path to freedom…

What if?

The oak 17th March 2014 2:31pm

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