Yeah, what if he did?

What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy…?

I didn’t make that up.  It’s found in Romans 9:23

And what if he really did?  What if it really was his intent to do far, far more than simply show us an extraordinary and totally undeserved mercy, and to reveal it to us?

What if he didn’t intend for us to be so obsessed by how undeserving we are of his mercy that we didn’t actually seek any more – the very riches of his glory?

What if it’s really his desire that we should honour the sacrifice of the son he loved by exploring all the gifts, the power, the blessings, the riches of his glory that his death and resurrection gave us access to?

What if?


10 September 2012  7:51 am

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